About Me

Thanks for stopping by Coffee, Scarves, and Running Shoes!

Hi, I'm Amy, and I'm the blogger behind Coffee, Scarves, and Running Shoes. I started this blog to share what I've learned through all of the things I do, and hopefully learn from you, too! Here's a little information about me:

Who am I?

I currently live in the Knoxville, Tennessee area. By day, I'm a marketer, specifically focused  on customer insights. Outside of work, I have many interests - running, cooking, gardening, fashion/beauty, and ambitiously trying DIY/crafting projects that are usually beyond my skill level (and often times giving up partway through the project to relax with a beverage).

My love of hobbies comes from my small town upbringing. I spent my childhood living in small towns in Wyoming and Tennessee.  Looking back, I now really appreciate what I've learned growing up. I grew up enjoying simple pleasures in life - reading books, playing outside (usually in the snow!), rollerblading or riding bikes with my sister or friends, and crafting and working on projects. There was less pressure to compete with others or worry about material things, and less worry about danger. I didn't make it too far away from my hometown, but I love living in Knoxville. The people and running community here are the best!

How did I get into running and how did it change my life?

In early 2012, in my late 20's, I decided I needed a change in my life. I had always considered myself unathletic. I was tired of saying I should try to run or get in shape someday. I wanted to defy myself, and everyone who had previously never thought I was capable of being athletic. I found a local training program, and decided to give it a shot to see if I could run a 5K. I was terrified of trying something that seemed so new and so challenging at first. Within 3 months, I was running my first 5K. A little over a year later (April 2013), I ran my first half marathon. I wasn't sure in the beginning if I could even run 3 miles, and was shocked and excited to continue to progress to running 13 miles. Besides the physical accomplishments, running has changed my whole outlook on life. Instead of fearing challenges, I embrace them and finally have confidence that I can accomplish them. I've found a fabulous network of supportive running friends and I can accept that they truly support me without fearing that they are judging me. It has brought a great deal of happiness to my life.

And now, in March 2015, I'm training for my FIRST FULL MARATHON!! More on that later.

Why A Blog?

Like running, I've considered blogging for months before I actually tried it. I love blogs and all things internet. I'm that girl who's always sharing a cat picture, YouTube video, or blog article. Writing a blog seems to be a natural fit for me. In some ways, it's a personal growth exercise, as I sometimes struggle to open up to people. However, we all have a story to tell, and our stories often help people who have similar challenges and interests. Mine is the story of how I choose to be happy and how I try to balance the things I love. I hope this blog will help you find the things that make you happy and help you as you pursue them. Sometimes "what not to do" can be the best advice, so I'll share it all!

Why "Coffee, Scarves, and Running Shoes"?

As I pursue all of the hobbies and adventures I write about, there are a few special items that make my life easier each day. I love coffee, and it is probably my favorite thing I enjoy daily. I love clothes, but many times I wake up in the morning and struggle to pull an outfit together. Scarves are my go-to accessory to make it work. I have more than 30 scarves, and the collection is growing. When I made the decision to purchase my first running shoes, my commitment to running felt real. Prior to that moment, running was a distant goal that I never knew would happen. Although I've moved on from my first pair of shoes, they remind me that I really am doing this and making my goals happen! While these are my favorite items, they are usually best enjoyed separately! :)

What about my husband?

I've been married to my husband, Brandon, since I graduated from college. He is a science nerd who works in the medical field. I've known him since I was in high school. I was a new kid, as I'd recently moved to Tennessee, and I was kind of shy. He was a basketball player, valedictorian of his class, and seemed like an all around nice guy. I had the chance to get to know him in a science class, and we became good friends. We stayed in touch after high school as we went to different colleges, and started dating my sophomore year of college. We married as soon as we graduated with our undergraduate degrees and started a new life together in Knoxville. Since then, we've supported each other though job changes, my time in grad school, and a whole array of challenges we never even thought of when we first married. We are also parents to our two kitties - Coco, a tortoise shell, and Cali (you guessed it), a calico.

And in April 2014, we adopted our first pup, Carly! She's a 5 year old Spaniel mix (who perhaps is part retriever?). We couldn't be happier to have a four-legged companion to take on adventures. Luckily the kitties tolerate her, too. :)